Arcs and Frames








Many different types of frames are available. Most lampshades are designed with a top and bottom ring, with a top ring attachment of your choice. Below is shown a small sample of frame shapes, rings available, and pre drafted arcs.


Bell Hex Frame Cut Corner

Square Frame

Hex Frame (Angular) Hex Frame (Vertical)
Rectangular Frame Square Coolie Frame Square Frame   Square Frame with

Bulb Clip


The top ring may be ordered in the following diameters: 2.5 to 18 inches. The bottom ring may be ordered in the diameters of: 3 to 24 inches. The "drop" (the length along the side of the lampshade between the top and bottom) may be between 3 and 19 inches.

After picking out what arc/frame size, color, and trim , send an email to us for a price request telling the details of the lampshade and the type of image desired (from a photo or fabric pattern or words,etc.). We will send an email back with the price and time of shipping.


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