Below are the many categories of shades to look at such as Custom Ordered, Scalloped Printed Shades, Textured Shades, Transfer Design Shades, Shades with Real Leaves, Fabric Shades.

There are many options to choose from for a custom order such as: Size: diameter of top ring; diameter of bottom ring; length of "drop".  Color and type of paper and trim material.  Choice of botanical material.


 Custom Ordered 








 From a photograph of a house or a business, a unique lampshade with its image makes a living room or a lobby especially treasured.   Below are pictures of a custom birdhouse lampshade that was designed for a customer to compliment the wallpaper border in their living room  Click here to see more .


Scalloped Printed Shades

The artist pierces and assembles these shades. The fun part about many of these shades is the image that magically appears when the light is turned on. Below is a sample of this type of shade with the light off and then with the light on. They are available only in a 4” top ring, 12” bottom ring, and an 81/2” drop. They can be made with either a chimney ring, washer top, or clip on depending on your lamp. Various styles of lamps are also available to coordinate with these shades. Refer to the “lamps” section of this website.      Click here to see 21 different printed shades to choose from. .


 Textured Shade - Field Paper 

 The unique, hand-made paper below features a  highly textured surface. Twenty different textured papers are available.   Click here to see more textured shades.



  Transfer Design Shades

Click here to see transfer design shades like the one below.  




   Shades with Real Leaves 


 Click here to see more Shades with Real Leaves like the one below.




   Fabric Shades  


 Click here to see more Fabric Shades like the one below. Many more fabrics are available or we can design a shade using your fabric.



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